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Dermal Fillers

How Soon Will I See The Results Of Dermal Fillers?

October 17, 2019 | 3 minute read

Headshot of Adult Male in a PoloToday, many Houston men and women are turning to local plastic surgeon and med spa specialist, Dr. Yarish, for dermal fillers. These increasingly popular facial injections are the first line of defense against the early signs of facial aging, and can often help delay your need for facial plastic surgery procedures including a facelift or a brow lift.

There’s definitely a lot of excitement among men and women about the benefits of and results achieved with injectables. But there’s also a very common question about them, too – “How long does it take to see the results?”

Injectables Provide Nearly Immediate Results

Whether you’re choosing injectables to soften fine lines and wrinkles, plump up lost facial volume, or tighten up sagging skin, you can expect to see results almost immediately.* While everyone is different and individual results vary, most patients see their results within 24 to 48 hours after their injections. Considering you have virtually no downtime when choosing injectables – they can literally be performed over your lunch break – that’s an amazing turnaround time to see results that make a real impact on your facial appearance by making you look more youthful in just a day or two!

How Long Do Results From Dermal Fillers Last?

Choosing to have dermal fillers injected isn’t a one-time decision. In order to maintain your results, you’ll need to be placed on a periodic maintenance schedule. Typically speaking, the results you achieve from a single injection will last about 6 to 9 months.* That means in an average year, Houston residents will need to have injections performed 1-2 times.

Why Choose Temporary Dermal Fillers Over Longer Lasting Facial Plastic Surgery?

Some Houston residents wonder why, if dermal fillers need to be injected 1-2 times a year on average, they should choose them over just having a plastic surgery procedure performed on their face. The answer is that these injectables provide real results well before surgeries like a facelift or brow lift are ever needed.

Even though the typical age of a facelift or brow lift patient is starting to drop from 50-60 years old and into a patient’s 40’s, the telltale signs of aging may appear even sooner than the big 4-0. Men and women in their 30’s and even late 20’s are coming to Dr. Yarish’s practice for injectables because even at those young ages, they’re already seeing signs of aging on their face. This can be due to genetics, prolonged sun exposure, and certain habits like smoking. Why wait a decade or more until facial plastic surgery is needed, when you can see immediate results on your face in under 48 hours when you choose injectables?*

Learn More About Your Options With Facial Injectables

There are a wide variety of facial injectable products on the market, and there’s no one-type-fits-all solution for Houston residents. The only way you’ll know which injectable is right for you is to have a facial assessment performed by one of Dr. Yarish’s expert injectors.

To learn which option will provide you the best results and to schedule a treatment appointment, contact our Medical Spa, ReNew You MD today by calling (281) 326-9243.

*Individual results may vary.