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“I have had two surgeries done over the years with Dr. Yarish and I would never go anywhere else. He always makes me feel at ease and is very skilled at what he does. My confidence has gone through the roof!”

“I am very impressed with Dr Bartlett. She is very professional. Very easy to talk with and understand. Very thorough and explains the different procedures and materials used. I had a long list of questions but never had to ask the 1st one because she covered everything during the consultation. Which procedure is best for my particular case. How long procedure takes, risks, things to watch for, recovery time, medications to take and the longevity of results.”

“Dr. Bartlett is excellent! She is very detailed, sharp as a tack, and very down to earth. She gave me excellent suggestions on what procedure to have done and told me exactly what to expect during recovery. I knew I was in excellent hands and had zero reservations. I look at my before and after pictures and am so happy with the results. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Bartlett and would see her again in a minute if I were to choose to do any other procedure. Thank you so much for the great results Dr. Bartlett!”

“I was most pleased with how comprehensive the process was starting, right with the initial consultation. I appreciated the assistance and guidelines in becoming physically and emotionally prepared for the surgery. The post-op treatment plan is great! I’ve very much enjoyed the professionalism, friendliness and responsiveness of every member of the staff.”

“Everyone in Dr. Yarish’s practice is friendly and patient. They communicate completely and do whatever they can to make every procedure as comfortable as possible. They are extraordinarily efficient; I love that the office, the surgical center and the medical spa are all in the same place.”

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Yarish and his entire staff. I have had abdominoplasty and a breast lift with augmentation. The Medical Spa has the best services and I go back yearly for skin rejuvenation treatments. Absolute best in patient care and I would not ever go anywhere else.”

“Consult with Dr. Bartlett was great, Aly was very nice and helpful getting my appointment scheduled. The front desk staff we very nice, no one rushed me through my intake paperwork as they did in my two other consult appointments. Dr. Bartlett explained the entire process and procedure to me. She informed me of any potential problems that may occur afterward during the healing process, without me having to ask which I find reassuring. She was very easy to talk to, listened to all of my wants and answered all questions thoroughly. I’m excited to get my procedure scheduled!!”

“Dr. Bartlett continues to provide the most excellent care. She is so professional and caring and always has the client’s best interest at heart. I always leave her office feeling and looking better! She is simply the BEST!”

“I was very nervous about this procedure. This is something that is very personal to me and yet so much weighs upon. I’ve thought for many years that I would have to eventually go for it. I’ve looked into plastic surgeons who is good at facial plastic surgery. There were many to choose from, but who?

I remembered a news feature about this doctor doing charity surgery for children born with cleft palate in Mexico. I thought, at least he has a good heart, looked up his practice and bookmarked. That was almost a decade ago, and I found myself frowning more and more every day until I was sure it was not the way the light was hitting my face. I went to Dr. Yarish and he gave a very thorough face and neck exam. His recommendations were reasonable and even addressed some areas that were too insignificant for a plastic surgeon but he told me I didn’t need a full facelift just the lower, and add a crease to address a droopy lid I had since birth, some moles removed. This is very contrary to another medical center, a world-renowned surgeon who let his intern tell me that I needed to be rebuilt, and restructured from the bone out. Kudos!

His staff, there were so many with specific tasks, took excellent CARE of me from pre-op to post-op. I never once felt that staff didn’t know my case or pretended to. Prior to surgery, they sent me home with a bunch of booklets, ointments, bandages & vitamins. There’s also a dozen post-surgery follow-ups and spa treatment as part of my fee already. I don’t even see my GP that much in a year.

On surgery day, I was treated with lots of care by the nurses from the surgery center. Dr. Yarish did an amazing job. Even my daughter who was with me from the very beginning said I look like me, except better. That’s all I wanted! My healing time was relatively short, 7 days and the bruises were gone, 14 days and very little swelling left. I was able to go back to work.

I love my face, my cheeks are firm, my droopy eyelid turned out beautiful, my neck firmer than when I was a child. Now and again, instead of feeling shocked and sad every time I catch my reflection in the mirror and seeing frowns, saggy cheeks and wrinkled neck, I see me, the way I feel. My daughter said she was very apprehensive about my wanting the plastic surgery, but now she’s glad. She has her mom back from 15 years ago. I’m so glad I saved that website. Thank you Dr. Yarish!”

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“Dr. Yarish, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate all that you did for me. I was with a group of friends this past 4th of July weekend and they were asking about and admiring my surgery. They couldn’t believe how well everything has pretty much already healed and how fantastic my neck looked despite the fact you had no talent (me) to work with…LOL !!! Seriously, they all thought it looked great and I couldn’t sing your praises enough. Then it hit me, that I didn’t ever remember properly thanking you. You are clearly at the top of your game and like any successful person, you obviously know to surround yourself with other successful individuals. You have assembled quite an All Star staff and they operate like a well oiled machine. Your bedside manor and calming demeanor were very reassuring during the entire procedure. You know how to make your patient always feel at ease and that everything is under control. I wish you nothing but continued success.”

“Dr. Bartlett and staff have been nothing but professional and welcoming each and every visit. I felt so comfortable we making the decision to have surgery and felt like I was being cared for by friends or family.”

“You can’t go wrong using this group! Everyone in the Yarish office and Crystal Surgery Center are amazing! Dr Bartlett performed my surgery and I couldn’t be more happier with the results. When you go to this practice you are treated like a VIP!!”

“I am very pleased with my results. Best choice I ever made. Thank you!”

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