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Labiaplasty in Houston and Lake Jackson, TX

Cosmetic surgery can correct issues that might make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. A common issue bothering women in Houston and Lake Jackson is one of the hardest to discuss: dissatisfaction with the appearance of the vagina due to excess external tissue (labia minora). There are many reasons why women desire labiaplasty. The most common are for physical discomfort and/or improved aesthetic appearance. At Town and Country Plastic Surgeons, our board-certified plastic surgeons customize labiaplasty procedures to the unique and individual needs of our patients to help women feel better about their bodies, increase comfort, and boost self-confidence.

Labiaplasty, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, removes excess skin on the inner labia (labia minora). It can shorten and tighten the tissues, produce better symmetry between the two sides, and ultimately improve the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia.

Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Yarish customize each surgery depending on each patient’s concerns. Advances in labiaplasty surgery now make it possible to minimize surgical risk and restore a more cosmetically appealing appearance to this area of the body with limited downtime.

Is Labiaplasty Right for Me?

According to data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, labiaplasty increased 44 percent between 2013 and 2017.

We suspect this has to do with word of mouth. Women who have had the surgery, notably here in Houston and Lake Jackson, are telling their friends that labiaplasty delivers great results. There is no shame in rejuvenating your vagina; this new openness is changing the conversation about achieving a “designer vagina.”

Remember that issues associated with the vulva occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these issues are anatomical and unique to you — as simple as how you happen to be designed. Our doctors have performed surgery on women as young as 17 and women in their 70s.

Here are a few reasons your vagina may not look the way you would like it to:

  • Genetics
  • Childbirth
  • Hormone changes
  • Prior surgery or trauma

Am I a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is more than a cosmetic procedure. Distended or stretched labia can also be painful — pulling and rubbing against clothing. Even moderate cases of lengthened labia can cause chafing and irritation, interfering with walking, running, cycling, etc.

You may consider this procedure if:

  • Your labia cause pain or discomfort while sitting, exercising, or performing other normal activities.
  • You experience chafing or irritation.
  • Excess tissue, or “cameltoe,” shows in tight-fitting clothing like bathing suits and yoga pants.
  • You feel self-conscious about how you look.
  • The appearance of your labia causes you to avoid sexual intimacy.
  • You’re suffering from damage to your labia from childbirth or trauma.
  • The look or feel of your labia is interfering with your daily life.

No one should go through life being uncomfortable in their own skin. If chafing and irritation are keeping you from enjoying daily activities, or you would just like to improve the overall appearance of your labia, you may consider labiaplasty.

Can I Have Children After Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty will not affect future pregnancies or your ability to give birth. Childbirth is one of the causes that contribute to the labia becoming stretched, so there is a chance that the surgery results could be altered.

However, every woman is different, and your choice is your own. Your board-certified plastic surgeon can discuss with you the risks and your options during your consultation so that you can make the best decision for you and your body.

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What Is the Labiaplasty Process?

Initially, you will meet with Dr. Bartlett or Dr. Yarish, who always take the time to make their Houston and Lake Jackson patients feel comfortable. At this stage, you can voice your concerns over your labia and discuss your desired goals.

Next, your surgeon will examine your labia with you. They will provide a mirror so you can show them exactly what is bothering you and what you would like changed.

Then, you and your surgeon will discuss the best course of action for your aesthetic goals and needs. The labiaplasty is most commonly performed under local anesthesia; however, general anesthesia may be indicated if combined with other procedures.

What Techniques Will Be Used for My Labiaplasty?

Because the functional or aesthetic concerns over your vagina are unique to you, your surgery will be customized to deliver optimal results, based on your unique needs.

Our doctors spend as much time as needed with our patients, in Houston and Lake Jackson, to ensure that options and expected outcomes are understood. Different techniques address the outer and inner labia, and the technique will be individualized for your specific needs.

Labia minora

  • Trim labiaplasty: Tissue is removed along the edge of the labium.
  • Wedge labiaplasty: A “V”-shaped wedge is removed from each labium. This technique maintains the natural coloration of the labium’s edge since it is not trimmed.
  • Clitoral hood reduction: Clitoral hood reduction minimizes the tissue covering the clitoral glans and provides a smooth transition between the upper and lower vulva.

Labia majora

  • Fat grafting to the labia majora: As we age, many women lose volume in their labia, specifically the labia majora. Adding volume to this area can help rejuvenate the majora and better cover the minora tissue. Fat is removed from the body, purified, and injected back into the labia majora for a natural volume augmentation.
  • Labia majora reduction: Some women develop hypertrophy of the labia majora, either due to age or genetics. With a labia majora reduction, excess tissue is trimmed from the outer labia majora, resulting in a well-concealed scar.

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How Will Labiaplasty Affect My Sex Life?

Many women are concerned with how labiaplasty will affect their ability to have sex. First, labiaplasty will not affect sensitivity: the procedure removes tissue of the labia minora or labia majora — your surgeon does not remove or damage any nerves. Therefore, you will have the same sexual sensitivity and function as before.

Some women experience increased sexual stimulation or have less difficulty reaching orgasm after the procedure, as excess skin that impedes or makes sex more difficult or painful will be minimized.

Most importantly, you can have increased emotional wellness and confidence, leading to a healthier, happier sex life.

Feel Confident With Our State-of-the-Art Surgery Center

Most labiaplasty procedures are performed under local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art procedure rooms. We provide topical medications to numb the tissue and oral anxiolytics to keep our patients comfortable during the procedure.

If combined with other procedures—or general anesthesia is elected—your procedure will be performed in our excellent surgical facility, where every member of our qualified team will aid you throughout the process and recovery.

Additionally, we offer overnight stays with continuous care at our Houston location for patients who require or request additional aid.

Typically, overnight care is not required for our Houston labiaplasty patients. However, our facility can accommodate your needs, and your surgeon will gladly discuss your options.

What Is Recovery From Labiaplasty Like?

Houston and Lake Jackson patients may experience some discomfort and soreness at first, but medications will be provided to ensure your comfort during the recovery period. We suggest taking one week of work to rest and recover.

During this time, you will be icing and taking the pressure off your vagina. You will also be prescribed antibiotics to help prevent infection.

Always follow the instructions given for aftercare. While labiaplasty is relatively low risk, complications during recovery are always possible.

During labiaplasty recovery, Houston and Lake Jackson women may also be advised to abstain from sexual intercourse, wearing tampons or exercising for at least four to six weeks while the tissues heal. Every case is unique, so discuss any questions you might have with our medical team during your consultation.

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Some additional tips to ensure a smooth recovery include:

  • Restrict your activity level; this is a time to rest as much as possible.
  • Do not sit on your vagina for two weeks after surgery
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes for two weeks after your procedure
  • Do not use any nicotine products, as this can greatly affect the healing process.
  • Avoid wiping for two to three weeks to prevent trauma to the area. Pouring water on the area while urinating and dabbing the area dry will help to prevent discomfort
  • Witch Hazel wipes can help minimize inflammation and soothe the area while you are healing. Sitz baths can also help soothe the area after your procedure
  • Elevate the area using a pillow or cushion.

Labiaplasty has relatively minimal downtime in comparison to other surgical procedures. Although this is a sensitive area, recovery is manageable, and our staff is always available for any questions or concerns you may have.

What Results Can I Expect From My Labiaplasty Surgery?

After your labiaplasty, you can expect smaller and more symmetrical labia minora. You will likely even feel more comfortable wearing tight clothing or bathing suits in public.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, you can experience more self-confidence in your appearance, an increase in sexual comfort, and more freedom to engage in activities that previously caused discomfort, like cycling and running.

Overall, labiaplasty can help you improve your mental and emotional well-being by eliminating anxieties about your appearance and discomfort in your daily life.

How Much Is Labiaplasty in Houston?

The cost of your labiaplasty varies depending on the extent of the procedure, the techniques used, the type of anesthesia chosen, and any other procedures being performed simultaneously. You can learn more about each of these cost factors in our blog.

The best way to learn your expected cost is by scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Town and Country Plastic Surgeons for Your Labiaplasty Surgery in Houston, TX

Town and Country Plastic Surgeons offers a highly customized labiaplasty procedure tailored to your needs. Whether you want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia or ease the irritation caused by lengthened or distended labia, our board-certified doctors will remedy both of these issues and ensure that the results exceed your expectations.

Interested in this procedure but don’t live near Lake Jackson or Houston, Texas? No problem. Town and Country Plastic Surgeons cater to out-of-town plastic surgery patients, and our capable team is happy to coordinate your plans and accommodations with you so you can get the labiaplasty surgery you deserve with less stress.

Town and Country Plastic Surgeons has locations in Lake Jackson and Houston, Texas. Whether you’re “in town or across the country,” call Town and Country Plastic Surgeons at >(281) 645 0355 to schedule a consultation and learn how >labiaplasty surgery can help improve your confidence and enhance your feminine wellness. >


Labiaplasty FAQ

How do I prepare for a labiaplasty procedure in Houston?

Before getting your labiaplasty, you should be in good overall health and ready to take the necessary time off for recovery. Familiarize yourself with the proper recovery care steps so that after your surgery, you already know what you need to do and can focus on healing.

Is labiaplasty covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not typically cover labiaplasty. However, if the surgery is deemed medically necessary, women may be able to get insurance coverage for it in some cases.

What are the potential risks and complications of labiaplasty in Houston?

Like with any surgical procedure, bleeding, bruising, and infection are possible complications. Our board-certified surgeons at Town and Country Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands when getting a labiaplasty here. It is also essential to carefully follow all recovery instructions from your surgeon, to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

What post-operative care is recommended following a labiaplasty in Houston?

You should take one week off from work and other daily responsibilities to focus on your recovery. It will take around four to six weeks for your labia to heal fully, and during that time, it is imperative that you don’t have sex, wear tampons, or exercise. During the first two weeks of recovery, it is also important to wear loose-fitting clothing to allow the area to breathe, avoid sitting on your vagina, and avoid wiping down there.

How are patient privacy and confidentiality handled for my labiaplasty procedure?

At Town and Country Plastic Surgeons, your comfort and privacy are high priorities. All patient information is strictly confidential, and your permission is needed for any before and after pictures.

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