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Surgery Facilities

Surgery Facilities


At Town and Country Plastic Surgeons and MedSpa, we utilize a fully certified outpatient surgery center, located near the office. The surgery center is staffed by a group of exemplary professionals, hand-picked and supervised by Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett.

Due to the type of certification held by the facility, we are able to perform all types of modern anesthesia and recovery for our plastic surgery patients. You can rest assured that all the details regarding safety and comfort have been perfected during the many years that this facility has been open. It is located just a few miles from our office in order to provide added convenience, service, and coordination of your care.

Lake Jackson

Town and Country Plastic Surgeons, in Lake Jackson, we utilize a Medicare certified surgical facility. This operating room is conveniently located inside our office. It is staffed by our own operating room and anesthesia teams, who travel with the surgeons between both locations. Due to the certification it holds, our doctors are able to perform all types of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures safely. Our Lake Jackson location provides privacy and convenience for our patients to show them the white glove service they deserve.

Office Interior

Emphasis on Safety

One of the primary reasons our doctors use these facilities is that safety is, without a doubt, our primary concern. To that end, we not only have the most highly trained surgery center staff available, but our doctors ensure that all of the equipment at the facility is state-of-the-art. Moreover, all of our equipment, as well as the surgery center itself, are subjected to a rigorous schedule of inspection and certification. This accrediting agency is recognized throughout the United States and ensures that the surgical facilities, as well as the surgeons who utilize these facilities, adhere to the highest standards of safety and credentialing. Additionally, we have the most up to date emergency life support and resuscitation equipment available, combined with emergency-powered generation for all essential electronics.

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Overnight Postoperative Care

We have a team of nurses and assistants available at all times to assist in the care of our patients. This postoperative care can be provided at the location of your choosing, either at home or in a private recovery suite. Our staff will be delighted to make these arrangements for you when you schedule your surgery.

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