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Meet Robert Scott Yarish, MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Specializing in the Face, Breast, and Body

For over 30 years, Dr. Robert Scott Yarish has collaborated with his patients to achieve desirable aesthetic results that consider their appearance, health, and well-being.

Dr. R. Scott Yarish
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“Artistry is 80% of what plastic surgery is.”
– Dr. Scott Yarish

Combining his love of surgery and sculpture, Dr. Yarish found a home in plastic surgery and has produced impeccable results with comprehensive and personalized cosmetic approaches for thousands of patients.

Dr. Yarish is a double-board certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, specializing in surgical and non-surgical procedures for the face, breast, and body.

Passionate About Blending Art and Science

Plastic surgery is a field that relies on both scientific techniques and an artistic eye. This artistry is paramount to everything Dr. Yarish does in the operating room, and he understands the fundamental elements of beauty and how to achieve it with natural-looking results.

From a young age, Dr. Yarish was drawn to sculpture and three-dimensional art, a trait he learned from his mother. While completing his training in general surgery, Dr. Yarish began sculpting. He started with small facial features, sometimes working days to perfect an ear’s shape and natural folds.Eventually, he moved on to the body and learned a greater appreciation of the human form.

As Dr. Yarish continued with his surgical training, he could never escape his love of sculpting and the artistic feel he had in his heart. This led him to plastic surgery, which has been his life’s focus ever since.

Dr. Yarish’s passion for sculpting and continued study of the human form have been instrumental in his knowledge of how subtle differences can make a dramatic difference in results. This allows him to create significant cosmetic changes that look natural, not surgical.

Influenced By His Decades of Experience

Dr. Yarish has grown significantly from his three decades of surgical experience and has created a practice model that focuses intently on caring for the whole patient while providing optimal and safe cosmetic results.

As Dr. Yarish has developed as a surgeon, his patients have grown with him, and his surgical techniques have been adjusted and fine-tuned over time to meet the needs of his patients.

Committed to His Patients and His Staff

Dr. Yarish has been fortunate to have a dedicated staff and patient base, many of whom have been with him for decades.

These long-standing relationships have turned Town and Country Plastic Surgeons into something of a family practice in the sense that Dr. Yarish and his team are friendly and like a family. Dr. Yarish is committed to ensuring that his patients receive a white-glove level of service, which has brought many of his patients back to him for additional procedures.

Dedicated to Bringing Help to Less-Fortunate Patients With His Mission Trips

In 1993, Dr. Yarish founded The Crystal Foundation to help children in Guerrero, Mexico, receive needed reconstructive surgery, including correction of cleft lips and palates.

The Crystal Foundation has grown significantly since Dr. Yarish first started his yearly visits.

While the foundation started small, with Dr. Yarish and a few other surgeons carrying down the equipment needed and performing surgeries in the kitchen of a gymnasium, it has grown significantly. Thanks to donations and assistance from Rotary International, The Crystal Foundation now has its own clinic, and each trip consists of multiple physicians and medical personnel.

Dr. Yarish was awarded the 2017 Physician Exemplary Award from Memorial Hermann Medical Missions for his work with The Crystal Foundation.

Learn More About The Crystal Foundation

Get to Know Dr. Yarish a Little Better

In addition to being a plastic surgeon who loves to sculpt, Dr. Yarish is also a pilot, a hobby that requires the same focus and steady hand as being a surgeon. Dr. Yarish loves flying his plane whenever he and his family travel.

In addition, Dr. Yarish loves spending time with his seven grandchildren and participating in individual sports such as golf, snow skiing, water skiing, and tennis.

Dr. Yarish with a patient

Focused on Education and Training

  • Dr. Yarish graduated with a medical degree from the University of Wisconsin.

  • After finishing medical school, Dr. Yarish began his General Surgery residency at the University of Oregon.

    When he realized that plastic surgery was his true area of interest, he continued his plastic and reconstructive surgery studies with a residency in Plastic Surgery at the Cronin, Bauer, and Biggs Houston Medical Center.

  • Physicians distinguish themselves by society memberships and board certification. Board certification requires that a written and oral examination be passed prior to membership and that hundreds of case studies be submitted for evaluation on technique and results. Dr. Yarish is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

    In addition to these certifications, Dr. Yarish is a member or fellow of the following:

    • American Society of Plastic Surgery
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
    • Texas Medical Association
    • The Aesthetic Society

    Dr. Yarish has been a frequent guest on Great Day Houston, giving him a platform to discuss his latest patients, techniques, and passion for plastic surgery.

Dr. Yarish’s Specialties

Dr. Yarish specializes in plastic surgery procedures on the face, breasts, and body.

Over time, his primary procedures have shifted as his long-standing patients have gotten older and are desiring different surgeries. While breast augmentation used to be his procedure of choice (and he performed more than most anyone in Texas), he has shifted to more facial procedures.

One of his specialties is facelift surgery, which is one of the most complicated techniques but also the most artistic. Performing facelift surgery allows Dr. Yarish to return to his sculpting roots since a facelift requires him to work in three dimensions to ensure everything is right.

While Dr. Yarish performs many facial rejuvenation procedures, he still loves performing tummy tucks and Mommy Makeovers and seeing the transformations these body contouring treatments can achieve.

In addition to the above surgeries, Town and Country Plastic Surgeons and Medspa offers an extensive collection of non-surgical and minimally invasive technologies, including injectables (BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and dermal fillers), non-surgical fat reduction, laser skin tightening, and wellness therapies including medical weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and IV vitamin drip therapies.

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