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Facial Implants Houston and Lake Jackson, TX

Cosmetic surgery in the facial region is common for a variety of reasons. The face is the most visible area of a person’s body and the focal point of interactions with others. Houston and Lake Jackson patients often seek facial implants when they are unhappy with a certain aspect of their face for cosmetic reasons or due to an injury or medical issue. This type of surgery covers a number of different individual procedures. Town and Country Plastic Surgeons is pleased to offer facial implant surgery to meet the desired needs of our patients. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a consultation with our doctors.

Facial Implant Consultation

The decision to undergo facial implant surgery is a very personal one. It’s important that Houston and Lake Jackson patients understand the types of results they can expect and that they have realistic expectations. Facial implants are meant to enhance the appearance, not to completely transform an individual’s look. Prior to surgery, patients will meet with our doctors to discuss their desired results. They will also be asked about their medical histories, especially with regard to past dental work and previous facial surgeries. Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett will provide guidance on whether facial implant surgery can achieve the goal a patient has in mind, along with whether general anesthesia or a local anesthetic combined with sedation is the best approach.

Before & After
Facial Implants

Patient: Chin Implant, Chin Tuck Submentoplasty (Post-op/ 3 Months)

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Facial Implants Actual Patient - Before


Facial Implants Actual Patient - After


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Types Of Facial Implants

The term “facial implants” is a broad one used to cover the various types of reconstructive or enhancement procedures performed on the facial area. Lower jaw, cheek, chin and lip implants fall under the umbrella of “facial implants.” These types of surgeries usually last between one and two hours. Whether for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons, the purpose of each of these specific procedures is usually to enhance facial proportions and to provide improved balance of the face. Even slight enhancement can lead to greater self-confidence in patients. Our doctors will inform patients of what to expect with each specific procedure, as well as post-operative instructions. Recovery times vary, but usually are about a week in length.

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Potential Complications

Facial implant surgeries do come with potential risks, but with the expert care, skill of our doctors and proper aftercare, your facial implant procedure can be long-lasting with no complications.

Facial implants are surgical enhancements that can make a significant difference in overcoming perceived facial flaws, allowing Houston and Lake Jackson patients to feel more self-assured and confident when approaching the world. Contact our office to schedule a consultation if you think this surgical option may be a good solution for you

With surgical centers in Houston and Lake Jackson, Town and Country Plastic Surgeons offers the latest in surgical innovations, including computer imaging. Contact any of our offices to schedule a consultation and learn more about facial implants.

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