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EMSCULPT® Body-Sculpting Treatment in Houston Houston and Lake Jackson, TX

Town and Country Plastic Surgeons is here to sculpt your body back into shape, giving you a firmer physique without having to go under the knife.

EMSCULPT® is the first FDA-approved, non-invasive electromagnetic procedure that eliminates fat cells and tightens abdominal, buttocks, arm, and leg muscles. It’s a body contouring solution, proven through MRI, CT scans, and Ultrasound, to build muscle and improve muscle tone appearance without any anesthesia or surgery.

The Science Behind EMSCULPT®

EMSCULPT® is one of the latest non-invasive body-contouring therapies that contours the body while simultaneously building muscle and destroying fat. The treatment session isn’t painful and feels more like an intensive workout, equating to roughly twenty thousand muscle contractions. Patients lie comfortably on their backs or stomachs for each session, which lasts 30 minutes.

Its patented, non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology induces involuntary supramaximal muscle contractions, which can’t be achieved through traditional, targeted exercise. When muscles are exposed to HIFEM, they are forced to change and adapt to extreme stimulation by toning and shaping, providing more contour to the treated area.

The Benefits of EMSCULPT®

  • Burn fat: It eliminates stubborn fat cells, causing fat reduction in flabby areas.
  • Build muscle mass: During the treatment, the muscles are intensely exercised, boosting their mass.
  • Improve posture: Muscle toning contributes to a healthier posture as stronger muscles can better support the spine.
  • Reduce pain: By strengthening muscles, EMSCULPT® helps reduce pain in vulnerable areas, especially the back.

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Ideal Candidates for Emsculpt® in Houston

People Who Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Emsculpt® is perfect if you enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and want to jump-start your fitness regime. The treatment helps build a firm foundation and tones muscles that are difficult to isolate with targeted workouts. Men and women who exercise after their treatment experience the longest-lasting results. Those who are close to their ideal weight are the best candidates.

People Who Seek a Plastic Surgery Alternative

Emsculpt® is non-invasive and works well if you want to build muscle in your backside or to tone your abdomen, thighs or arm muscles without surgery as it burns fat and builds muscle. This treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, and there’s no lengthy recovery period that comes with implants, tummy tucks, or liposuction procedures.

People Suffering from Diastasis Recti

While not recommended during pregnancy, Emsculpt® treatments can reduce gaps between abdominal muscles in women suffering from Diastasis Recti, helping to strengthen their core and burn excess fat.

EMSCULPT® Before and After Houston

If you’re looking for EMSCULPT® near Houston, then ReNew You MD can help you. We’ll guide you through the treatment process so that you can achieve your desired physique. We guarantee you’ll love the difference between your EMSCULPT® before and after results.

*After 8th Treatment, Courtesy of David E. Kent MD

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EMSCULPT® Body-Sculpting Treatment Actual Patient - Before


EMSCULPT® Body-Sculpting Treatment Actual Patient - After


The EMSCULPT® Treatment Process Explained

During treatment sessions, EMSCULPT® device paddles are placed on top of the targeted muscle group or treatment area and secured with a velcro wrap. For treatments targeting the buttocks and calves, patients relax face down on a table, and for treatments targeting thighs, abdomen, biceps, or triceps, they lie face up.

The EMSCULPT® device has three modes of intensity that stimulate contractions at levels that patients can comfortably tolerate. Many of our patients listen to music, use their phones or read a book during their sessions. Some experience tingling sensations similar to when a foot falls asleep, which usually passes quickly and is perfectly normal with this treatment.

We do not perform EMSCULPT® on the following patients:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Women with an implanted metal IUD (intrauterine device for birth control).
  • Patients with extreme conditions such as; epilepsy, hemorrhagic conditions, heart disorders, malignant tumors, fever, drug pumps, pulmonary insufficiency, electronic implants, implanted defibrillators, and implanted neuro-stimulators.
  • Patients with implanted metal devices like pacemakers, screws, rods, or plates.

While we’ve had many positive EMSCULPT® reviews in Houston, we stress that even though EMSCULPT® results can give you the muscle definition you’ve been dreaming of, it is not a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, this treatment does make it possible to fast-track your fitness journey and target fat loss in specific areas. We’ll always customize an EMSCULPT® plan to help you attain your desired physique.

The Cost of EMSCULPT® Treatments

Every individual’s body is different, and the results they are seeking are specific to them. We determine the exact cost of the treatment once we have met with you and decided that EMSCULPT® can achieve the results you are looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions About EMSCULPT®

How long are EMSCULPT® treatments?

Average treatment plans consist of a minimum of 4 treatments, each 30 minutes long, scheduled who times a week for two weeks. However, we create a personalized plan for each patient, as their physical needs may vary.

What does an EMSCULPT® treatment feel like?

EMSCULPT® does not cause any pain or discomfort. Some patients report feeling a “pulling” sensation, similar to an intense workout. Patients who have had prior surgeries such as C sections, abdominoplasty, or liposuction will have scar tissue that may make contractions marginally uncomfortable. We have total control of the treatment intensity, and all our patients are treated at a level that is comfortable for them.

What does EMSCULPT® recovery entail?

An EMSCULPT® session requires no prep nor recovery time because it is a non-invasive treatment. Besides mild muscle soreness, there are no severe side effects.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

You will feel results immediately after the treatment. Initially, they’ll be small changes, like posture improvements and decreased fatigue during exercise. Most notice visible results around three months post-treatment and maintain them with a maintenance plan. Clinical studies have shown that results can continue to improve for up to six months.

How Long Does EMSCULPT® Last?

Most of our patient EMSCULPT® reviews indicate that results last for six months to a year and are best maintained with a lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating. Muscles that don’t regularly work out atrophy, including muscle mass gained by EMSCULPT®.

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