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7 Nose Shapes That Can Be Corrected With Rhinoplasty

February 25, 2019 | 4 minute read

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When residents of the Houston area consider a nose job, or rhinoplasty, many of them wonder if what they are suffering from can even be fixed. Whatever nose deformity you are dealing with, Dr. Yarish can correct it and give you a nose that is more proportionate to your overall face. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yarish has the skill and precision needed to carefully sculpt a new nose for each of his patients. His goal is to provide the men and women who visit his clinic with natural-looking results they can be proud of. If you’re dealing with a nose deformity and have been considering rhinoplasty, here are 7 nose shapes that can be corrected during the procedure:

Humped Nose

This nose shape is characterized, as the name implies, by a noticeable hump on the nose. Most people who have a hump on their nose have it because they were born with it, but a hump can also be the result of trauma. Dr. Yarish can smooth away this hump during a rhinoplasty at Town and Country Plastic Surgeons.

Pinched Nose

When a Houston man or woman has a pinched nose, they have a nose tip that is excessively narrow. A pinched nose is most often the cause of a failed rhinoplasty, though some people are actually born with this nose shape. Many patients who have a pinched nose also suffer from breathing problems. A rhinoplasty procedure can correct these aesthetic and functional problems by rebuilding the lower portion of the nose and the nostrils.

A patient who suffers from a nose with a boxy tip has a nose tip that is thick, wide and rectangular. A boxy tip is often confused with a bulbous tip, but they are not the same. When looking at a patient’s nose with a boxy tip from the front, they have the appearance of a flat shape mimicking that of a box. Dr. Yarish has found that a boxy tip is often a struggle for women, in particular as they feel it makes them look masculine. A rhinoplasty with Dr. Yarish can help patients achieve a nose shape that more adequately fits their face.

Bulbous Tip

Men and women in the Houston area who are suffering from a bulbous tip have a noticeably round tip on their nose, which is often unproportionate to the rest of their nose and face. When Dr. Yarish performs rhinoplasty for these patients, his goal is to reshape the lower lateral cartilage of the nose in order to create a softer, more appealing shape.

Plunging Tip

A plunging tip is not always immediately noticeable to most people, but it specifically shows itself when a patient smiles. While smiling, the tip of the nose plunges downward. This deformity is one of the most common complaints of patients seeking a rhinoplasty with Dr. Yarish and can be easily corrected.

Hanging Columella

Every year, Dr. Yarish sees many patients who suffer from a hanging columella. This nasal deformity occurs naturally, or as a result of a failed rhinoplasty, and is characterized by nostrils that are positioned higher than the tissue separating the right and left sides of the nose – the columella – which gives the nostrils a more “open” appearance. A rhinoplasty procedure at Town and Country Plastic Surgeons can correct this problem and give Houston patients nostrils that are more proportionate for their face.

Widened Nose

A widened nose is characterized by its flat, broad appearance. This type of nose deformity can happen as the nose naturally develops, or it can occur as a result of an injury. Unfortunately, as with many other nose shapes, residents in the Houston area who suffer from a widened nose also complain of breathing problems. Dr. Yarish can perform rhinoplasty for patients with a widened nose to give them a more narrow, shapely nose that fits their face and allows them to breathe better.

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Dr. Yarish Has The Answers

If you’re a Houston area resident who has been dealing with a nose you’ve never felt fit your face, Dr. Yarish can help you. With years of experience, and as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yarish can make the perfect recommendations for your specific case. Call Town and Country Plastic Surgeons today at (281) 645-0355 to schedule your initial consultation with him. A member of his friendly staff is waiting to help.