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5 Medical Reasons Why Women Undergo Labiaplasty Surgery

July 25, 2019 | 3 minute read


While labiaplasty is classified as a plastic surgery, there are several medical reasons why Houston women undergo the procedure. Beyond a desire to look a certain way to that special someone, there are actual medical concerns that women experience because of the shape and size of their labia. Here’s a list of 5 of the top medical reasons why women opt to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

1. Difficulty Urinating With Enlarged Labia Minora
Some Houston women with enlarged labia minora find they have difficulty urinating. The reason is that the hanging labia minora get in the way of the urine stream, making it difficult to urinate normally. If you experience this phenomenon, know that you’re not alone. Be open and honest with Dr. Yarish during your labiaplasty consultation at his Houston office, so he can best prepare a treatment plan for you.

2. Chronic Urinary Tract Infections Due to Enlarged Labia
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not only painful and unpleasant, but they can often be asymptomatic, and inadvertently lead to a much more serious kidney infection. Unfortunately, some women experience frequent or even chronic urinary tract infections because their enlarged labia “trap” body secretions including sweat, urine, and vaginal discharge in their external genitalia. If you have enlarged labia and seem to experience neverending UTIs, labiaplasty surgery may help.*

3. Physical Discomfort During Physical Activity Including Sports or Sexual Intercourse
When a woman has enlarged labia, the size of her external genitalia may cause her undue discomfort or in the worst case scenario, pain. This can occur simply from walking around during the course of your day if your labia get stuck to your legs or rub up against each other, or be exasperated during physical activity such as running, horseback riding, riding a bicycle, and sexual intercourse. Many Houston women find relief from their discomfort and pain by undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

4. Trauma to the Labia After Childbirth
Women who give birth vaginally run the risk of experiencing trauma to their labia during their delivery. Many of Dr. Yarish’s Houston labiaplasty patients were born with labia they never had a complaint about, but experienced trauma or disfiguration of the labia while delivering their children, and undergo vaginal rejuvenation to restore their vaginas to their former states.

5. Changes to the Labia Due to Hormonal Fluctuations
As women, we know that we undergo several periods of hormonal fluctuations. First, there’s puberty and the resulting monthly hormonal fluctuations of menstruation. Then for some, there’s childbirth and breastfeeding. Finally, there are hormonal changes during menopause, and some women even receive hormone therapy to control unwanted side effects during this change of life.

As our hormones change, our genitals can, too. Women who’ve experienced changes to their labia due to these normal hormonal fluctuations sometimes choose to undergo labiaplasty surgery to restore the outer lips of their vaginas to their previous states, and if discomfort or pain are present, alleviate those symptoms.

Learn More About The Medical Reasons For Labiaplasty

If you think you have a medical reason that makes you a good candidate for labiaplasty surgery, reach out to local plastic surgeon Dr. Yarish. Having served our area for 30 years, he is a skilled plastic surgeon with a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a strong desire to help women achieve the best versions of themselves.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarish, contact our offices by calling (281) 326-9240.

*Individual results may vary