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Breast Augmentation

How Can I Restore Lost Volume In My Breasts After Pregnancy?

August 05, 2019 | 3 minute read


As every mother knows, pregnancy and, if chosen, breastfeeding, can cause dramatic changes in a woman’s breasts. While pregnant, hormonal changes in a woman’s body cause her breasts to swell in anticipation of the mother breastfeeding, should she choose to do so. And if breastfeeding is chosen, breasts remain enlarged for an extended period of time, for as long as a mother nurses her baby.

After childbirth and breastfeeding have ceased, though, additional hormonal changes in a woman’s body cause her breasts to lose the pregnancy-induced volume they temporarily had. As a result, many Houston moms find out that once they’re done having children, their breasts have a deflated look.

Many local moms who experience this phenomena turn to Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Yarish for a breast augmentation procedure, who has 30 years of plastic surgery experience. By having breasts implants placed after childbirth and breastfeeding, these women are able to restore the breast volume that was lost after bearing their children.

Many Moms Opt For A Breast Augmentation Once They’re Done Having Kids

So many moms in Houston experience deflated breasts after childbirth that getting a breast augmentation after pregnancy is a very common reason women choose breast implants. In fact, the procedure is often combined with a tummy tuck in a combination surgery called a mommy makeover, which is best performed after a woman knows she is done adding to her family through pregnancy. The goal of this combination procedure is to restore a mom’s body to its more youthful, pre-pregnancy look.

When Women Choose To Add A Breast Lift To Their Breast Augmentation Procedure

Sometimes, women find that not only have they lost breast volume after their pregnancies, but their breasts are sagging, too. In this situation, women can choose to have both a breast augmentation and a breast lift performed simultaneously. A breast lift differs from getting breast implants because the lift focuses on removing loose, sagging, and excess breast skin to place breasts in a perkier position, while implants restore internal volume that was lost due to hormonal changes after pregnancy.

Having Additional Children After A Breast Augmentation

Some local moms are curious if getting breast implants in between pregnancies will make a future pregnancy or attempt at breastfeeding complicated or unsafe. The answer is no. There’s nothing about having an intact breast implant that makes it more difficult or unsafe to have a subsequent pregnancy, or to breastfeed a future child. It is common for many Houston women to get breast implants before they become mothers, and go on to have healthy pregnancies and successfully breastfeed their children.

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Learning More About Restoring Breast Volume After Pregnancy

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after having children, you don’t have to live with a deflated look forever. Breast implants can help restore the volume you’ve lost to the hormonal changes of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To learn more, contact our offices at (281) 326-9240 today to schedule an initial surgical consultation with Dr. Yarish!