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Breast Lift

What Type Of Breast Lift Incision Leaves Minimal Scars?

June 03, 2019 | 4 minute read


Women in the Houston area are often left with loose, sagging skin on their breasts after years of life’s natural ups and downs, and for most women, this is not a welcomed change to their silhouette. When sagging breasts begin to draw closer to your waistline and further from your chest, women are often left with a lack of self-confidence and a negative body image to boot. But not to worry, Dr. Yarish of Town and Country Plastic Surgeons can restore your bustline to its former “alert” position on your chest.

What Is A Breast Lift?

Medically known as breast ptosis, breast sagging happens as a result of the natural process of aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, genetics, or extreme weight fluctuations. A breast lift repositions a woman’s breast back to their natural spot on the chest, giving the perkier look of yesteryear. It is important to note that a breast lift is only meant to reposition breasts and will not increase the size or volume of the breasts. However, many women in the Houston area report that their breasts “look” fuller after their breast lift. This is because the extra skin they had on their breasts has been removed and they are back in a natural spot.

What Type Of Incision Will Be Used?

There are several different incision types Dr. Yarish can choose from when performing a breast lift. Which one he chooses will depend on the degree of sagging each woman is experiencing and what they desire for their final results. The scars left behind will not be seen while you’re wearing clothing. However, some incision types may leave scars that are noticeable in some types of swimwear or intimate moments. But don’t let that get you down! The best takeaway from a breast lift at Town and Country Plastic Surgeons is that all women will gain an increase in self-confidence and body image!

To understand more about the different incision types and their resulting scars, keep reading:

• Crescent Incision: Dr. Yarish will create this incision along the top of the areola. It is a great incision for Houston women who have only a small degree of sagging. And if you’re interested in having a breast augmentation with your breast lift, the crescent incision can be used for both and leaves only a small scar hidden within the areola.

• Donut Incision: If you’re a Houston area woman who has a medium degree of sagging and wants to incorporate a breast augmentation into your procedure, the donut incision is one of the preferred incision types. It is made in a donut shape around the entire areola, but the resulting scar is well hidden by the natural color of the area. If you desire to have an areola reduction, this incision is preferred since the entire areola is affected during the procedure, making it easy for Dr. Yarish to make that change.

• Lollipop Incision: Dr. Yarish recommends this incision type for women in the area who have an increased degree of sagging. The lollipop incision is made around the areola and proceeds vertically down from the bottom of the areola and into the breast crease. This is not an incision Dr. Yarish recommends if you want to have a breast augmentation in conjunction with your breast lift, and the resulting scar is more noticeable the donut and crescent incisions because more of the breast is affected.

• Inverted-T or Anchor Incision: This incision is similar to the lollipop incision because it is made around the areola and extends down from the bottom of the areola in a vertical line to the bottom of the breast. But, it differs in that it continues into the breast crease horizontally. Dr. Yarish uses this incision for Houston women who want to have a breast reduction at the same time as a breast lift. Obviously, this incision type leaves the most scarring on the breast, but a lot of it is hidden in the areola and the breast crease.

Dr. Yarish Can Work Magic

If you’re ready to get back to a younger version of yourself with perkier breasts, give Dr. Yarish a call today. He is double board-certified and is one of Houston’s top plastic surgeons. He knows just how to give you the results you want.

You can reach a member of Dr. Yarish’s friendly staff at (281) 645-0355 to schedule your initial consultation in his Houston office.