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Remove Unwanted Hair With Candela Laser Hair Removal

February 28, 2018 | 3 minute read

Lower Body of Women Sitting Down with Smooth Legs

No more painful shaving, waxing, or plucking! Laser hair removal is now the most popular method chosen by dermatologists for eliminating unwanted body and facial hair. At ReNew You MD, we use the absolute best laser hair removal technology available, the Candela GentleLASE. Our laser quickly, safely, and effectively removes unwanted hair from any area with little no to discomfort. You’ll enjoy outstanding hair removal results in the fewest number of laser treatments. And the results…absolutely amazing! Imagine smooth, silky skin without the hassle of shaving or waxing. Enjoy the freedom of laser hair removal!

How Does the Candela GentleLASE System Work?

Using protective eye wear for both the practitioner and the patient, the aesthetician uses a small handpiece that touches the skin to deliver the laser light. A light spray of coolant onto the skin will be felt just before each laser pulse.

How will I know if Candela will affect my skin?

A test area will be done prior to the entire treatment. Your full treatment may be done on the same day or up to two weeks later, depending on the skin reaction.

Will it hurt?

Most patients experience little discomfort at the treatment site because of the dynamic cooling device. The degree of discomfort varies with each person depending on her/his threshold.

How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in cycles. The number of treatments required depends upon your skin color, hair color, and coarseness of your hair. Most patients require four to six treatments due to the process only being effective during the early hair growth cycle.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take as little as ten minutes or up to an hour, depending on the area being treated. The treated area may also become pink or red within 30 minutes of treatment; this may last from a few hours to several days and is relieved with the application of ice or cooling gels.

Which areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Any area can be treated with laser hair removal with the exception of eyelashes and eyebrows. These areas are too close to the eyes. Common treatment sites include:

  • Underarms
  • Bikini
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Ears
  • Beard area

Do I need a consultation?

We recommend setting up a consultation with one of our laser specialists to answer any questions you might have. They will discuss in detail the laser procedure, your goals, realistic results, and to determine if you are a candidate for laser hair removal. Depending on the area and if you are a candidate for the treatment, sometimes the laser procedure may be performed at the time of your consultation.

Contact our office at 281-326-9244 today to schedule your Laser Hair Removal consultation with a Town and Country Plastic Surgeons certified laser specialist!