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Breast Augmentation

4 Reasons To Choose Springtime For Your Breast Augmentation

February 28, 2018 | 3 minute read

Group Photo of Five Young Women in Sungless and bikinisAs spring comes into full swing, people pay more and more attention to their bodies. For many, it becomes a high priority to make sure that you look your best for swimsuit season. Not only is Spring the most popular season for a breast augmentation at Town and Country Plastic Surgeons, but it also proves to be a wonderful and opportune time for women to start their breast augmentation journey.

You Could Be Bikini-Ready for Summer
While breast implants are a common procedure that can be performed any time of year, if your goal is to show off your new figure in your bikini this summer, springtime is a great season to schedule your surgery. Although most patients can return to work after only a week or two of downtime, implants typically undergo a slow process called ‘settling in’ when your skin and tissue adjust to accommodate the implant. Implants in the spring means you’ll most likely be feeling natural in your new figure by summer.

You Welcome Spring With a Brand New You
Many people view spring as a symbol of new beginnings, and what a better way to welcome the season with a new you. Breast implants will not only add curves to your figure but they can also boost your confidence, empowering you to put your best foot forward throughout the year. Plus, the sooner you get your implants, the longer you can enjoy them.

Your Recovery Can Be Comfortable
As the weather is still cool in the spring, recovery won’t be a hassle. You can still protect your skin from direct sunlight as well, which is essential in your recovery.

Spring Offers Ample Recovery Time
An adequate recovery period is important to the success of your breast augmentation. If you are not fully healed, you may be prevented from summertime favorites like swimming and water sports. By having your surgery in the spring and allowing your body to recover, you can be sure to enjoy the many activities summer has to offer.

With Dr. Yarish, You Can Step into Summer with Confidence
In addition to breast augmentation, Dr. Yarish offers an array of breast enhancement procedures. Make an appointment at our office in Houston or Lake Jackson so that you can learn more about the breast augmentation procedure. You owe it to yourself to find out how you can look and feel your very best this summer. Contact us today at 281-326-9241 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarish.