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Dr. Scott Yarish and Patient on Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan Discussing Mommy Makeovers

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Debra Duncan: Well, after you’ve had babies, your body doesn’t always bounce back. Here’s the mystery. How can a seven pounder wreak that much havoc on your body? Stretch marks, sagging skin, breasts that have discovered gravity and excess fat. And no matter how much you exercise, your body still won’t snap back. It can all be fixed in a few hours. Here to tell us how is Dr. Scott Yarish from Yarish Plastic Surgery and Renew You MD. Also joining us is his patient, Tambra Allen. Good morning.

All right, I ran into you in the elevator, because he’s my neighbor, and I asked you what you love doing best. And you said, “Well, I love the tummies, but then I love this, but then… You know what, I love anything that makes somebody feel whole again.”

Dr. Scott Yarish: Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s why we’re talking about… I want to talk about mommy makeovers today.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Because there’s nothing like you have a baby, you want a baby, two babies, three babies, whatever it is. Your skin’s never going to go back to where it was.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, but it can happen.

Dr. Scott Yarish: It can happen, but you can have a husband that tells you you just need to do more crunches, right? And you’ve got the skin-

Debra Duncan: You mean the ex-husband that tells you that you need to do more crunches? Or the husband who buys you this for the Mother’s Day makeover, right?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Yeah.

Debra Duncan: Okay. What was happening with you Tambra?

Tambra Allen: What was going on with me is I gained a lot of weight in pregnancy. I’m not normal. And I did have three C-sections with… They were all close to 10 pound babies. Eight pounds, 11 ounces, to nine pounds, 11 ounces.

Debra Duncan: Wow.

Tambra Allen: And so there was no coming back from that, and so I-

Debra Duncan: All those children need to give you great Mother’s Day gifts for the rest of your life, right? But it’s just something that naturally happens to the body, right?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Absolutely. Absolutely. And some people can just work out and get their way through it. It just depends on your metabolism, your genetics, et cetera. But the average woman maybe gains somewhere between 25 and 50 pounds, and I think Tambra-

Tambra Allen: I gained over a hundred.

Debra Duncan: Wow.

Dr. Scott Yarish: She gained a lot. [inaudible].

Debra Duncan: Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: So what happens? Everything stretches, everything goes down and so, that’s what we do.

Debra Duncan: And there you go. You have a whole body that you didn’t have before you had that baby. Okay, there’s all kinds of things that can be done. You don’t do a one size fits all. You look at the person and you want to see what aesthetically makes sense.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Exactly. Every patient is different. My great mentor, Dr. Tom Biggs, taught me this one adage, it’s no key fits every lock, so no operation fits every patient, but there’s a combination of things that we do for the mommy makeover to get rid of most of the skin, all the extra skin, basically. Tighten the muscle, lift the breasts.

Debra Duncan: Okay. I’m going to stop you right there. You say tighten the muscle. Sometimes when people see tummy tuck, they think you just pull the skin down and then sew it on up, but after you’ve had babies, those muscles are distended.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Right, the muscles are distended. And not only that, they’re split apart. And so I’ve had women who, if they got on the floor to do a sit-up, couldn’t even sit up. They’d have to…

Tambra Allen: Yeah, that was me.

Debra Duncan: Oh, look at… This is you right here?

Tambra Allen: That was me.

Debra Duncan: Wait, no. Oh, wow.

Tambra Allen: Yeah. Oh, no, that’s not me.

Dr. Scott Yarish: These are others. [inaudible].

Debra Duncan: That before and after is amazing.

Dr. Scott Yarish: But I’ve had patients that would get on the floor to do a sit-up and they couldn’t even sit up.

Tambra Allen: Yeah, me. I couldn’t.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Yeah. She’d have to roll over on her side and get up off the floor.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, because you couldn’t use those muscles. What you do in a tummy tuck is that you literally sew those muscles back down?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Sew the muscles back together. That’s what really flattens the tummy, and then-

Tambra Allen: Like a corset. A built-in corset.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Right, a built-in corset’s a good way to put it. And then of course we take off all the extra skin, make it real tight.

Debra Duncan: And then of course there’s-

Dr. Scott Yarish: Give them a pretty new belly button. Can the TV audience see that those photos? Are they looking at those photos too?

Debra Duncan: Yeah, yeah. Okay, liposuction is one of the other things that can get some of that extra fat.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Right. In Tambra’s case, she was 55 pounds overweight, or over her ideal weight. And so what do you do with that? Well, she had done all the diet, she’d done the exercise. She had basically hit the wall and couldn’t do anymore.

Debra Duncan: That had to be frustrating.

Tambra Allen: It was. It was super frustrating. But after the surgery, it got me the motivation to go and I actually lost 50 more pounds after.

Debra Duncan: Okay, this is you right here. This is you.

Tambra Allen: Oh, yeah, that’s me.

Debra Duncan: Wow.

Dr. Scott Yarish: I don’t know if we have a side view of that, but- There we go.

Debra Duncan: Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: There’s a side view.

Debra Duncan: Okay.

Dr. Scott Yarish: A mommy makeover, it basically involves three things. The breasts, either reduce them or if they’ve gotten too big, lift them and put an implant in if they’ve gotten too small. A lot of women lose a lot of breast tissue. If you’re a B or a C cup, you’re going to lose breast tissue when you have a baby. Unfortunately, this is a freak of nature, but unfortunately, if you’re already a D cup and you have a baby, you’re just going to… They usually get bigger. And so we do either a reduction or a skin lift or implants, depending on what you need, plus the tummy. Get rid of the C-section scar, if there is one. Stretch marks from the naval all the way down, we get rid of those.

Debra Duncan: And we’re looking at here how, you have the breast lifts there. And so you can see that they’re not just hanging. Reduction… You can do a couple things. You can either get a reduction or a reduction and a lift. Right?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Right.

Tambra Allen: Yeah.

Debra Duncan: Now, does a reduction or a lift, do they always include breast implants?

Dr. Scott Yarish: No, it depends on the size of breast you want. If you’re 5’5 and a 125, 30 pounds, usually you’ve got very small breasts that have sagged. And so most of those women want an implant, but some want a reduction. It just depends. No key fits every lock, remember.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, that’s right. No key fits every lock. Okay. Now fat, we act like fat is all bad, but there are times when fat can be good if it’s in the right places. [inaudible] fat transfer, right?

Dr. Scott Yarish: I’ll tell you what, that’s a big deal because as much as the breast and abdominal surgery take off the skin, et cetera and raise and lift everything else, it’s really the liposuction that gets the size down. I can take somebody, like Tambra, maybe she was an 18, and just with liposuction go down to a 12 or 14.

Debra Duncan: Wow.

Dr. Scott Yarish: And then the breasts-

Debra Duncan: And contour as well, because I saw in the pictures there that you had a nice waist and you had the hourglass waist as well.

Dr. Scott Yarish: It’s all sculpting.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. All right. After you had it all done, how did that impact your self-esteem?

Tambra Allen: Oh my gosh. It was amazing. I had more energy. My husband was happy. I mean, he was like… I mean, he didn’t care either way. He didn’t care either way if I did it or not. But afterwards, he was just like, “Wow, your self-esteem is back.”

Debra Duncan: You had the breast lift and augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction. It’s okay to have all those things done at the same time?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Always. That’s a real common procedure for us to do. And I see several of my patients have lost a lot of weight. And so if they’ve lost a lot of weight, then they’ve got arm issues…

Debra Duncan: The saggy arms, yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: … [inaudible] size, and we’ll do all those in one sitting. Now, as long as our patient is healthy. But if we do a lot of procedures, we might keep them overnight in an overnight stay facility. But most people go home after the surgery.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, yeah. What was your recovery like?

Tambra Allen: Mine was amazing. People ask me, “How do you do it? Was it scary? You have so many children.” Mine were little.

Debra Duncan: Look, if I’m going to look better, I don’t care what happened.

Tambra Allen: Yeah. I said, “Hey, he put me up in a nice hotel for what, a night, with a nurse, with a personal nurse. And then at the time I had my babies were one, two, and seven. It was totally doable and the pain was fine.

Debra Duncan: And so this is one of those things that you would do after you’re done having children.

Tambra Allen: Yes.

Debra Duncan: Oh, yeah.

Tambra Allen: Yeah.

Debra Duncan: Because you don’t need that fourth baby to mess things up.

Tambra Allen: No, no, no, no. No.

Dr. Scott Yarish: No. But that happens too.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, yeah. That can happen.

Dr. Scott Yarish: We can fix that.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. All right. I mentioned that whether you have to have breast implants or not, and you answered that question. One of the other questions that people ask a lot is, do I have to be my ideal weight in order to get this done?

Dr. Scott Yarish: Ask Tambra.

Tambra Allen: I was not my ideal weight, but I was so over it.

Debra Duncan: But you had already done everything you could do.

Tambra Allen: Yeah. Well, yeah, and I was just getting discouraged because that skin that’s hanging, you saw the skin on the pictures. And so without that coming off, you’re never going to look good in an outfit. That’s just my personal preference.

Dr. Scott Yarish: She was about 50 pounds over her ideal weight and we talked about diets and what have you done? And she had done everything, hit the wall. She says, “Okay, well, let’s do this.” Because more than half of my patients that are in that situation, they’ll do what Tambra did. They’ll do the surgery, lose more weight and she just lost it and kept it off.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Gives you so much encouragement.

Debra Duncan: You have 30 years of experience in this, and so you’ve seen technology change, you’ve adapted to that technology. Outside of doing the actual surgery, because sometimes that’s what it takes. Nothing else is going to make it happen. You’re going to have to literally cut it out, get rid of it, sew it down, the whole bit. But you also have the medical spa, which we can do all kinds of procedures today that don’t require surgery.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Yeah, we have some great procedures there. For one thing, we use the medical spa for all of our patients. Tambra, I’m sure, went in and had-

Tambra Allen: Lymphatic drainage.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Lymphatic drainage and ultrasound, if there are any irregularities, et cetera. Things that will make you heal faster. We use vitamin programs, et cetera.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. Coolsculpting [inaudible].

Dr. Scott Yarish: … sculpting. If you just have a small amount of fat, we’ll just use Coolsculpting to dissolve fat. It’s an awesome way to get rid of fat without surgery.

Tambra Allen: Also, the laser treatments that you gave me, I don’t have any scarring.

Dr. Scott Yarish: And the laser-

Debra Duncan: Oh, really? Because that’s a big deal.

Tambra Allen: No scarring.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. That’s a big deal. That’s a really…

Dr. Scott Yarish: Everybody that has surgery at our facility gets laser treatments. We do scar tapes. We do everything we can to get rid of the scars. Now, you’re not going to do this surgery generally without having some scars. Most people are going to see them, but they’re not severe.

Debra Duncan: If you’re showing.

Dr. Scott Yarish: If you’re showing. If you’re showing. Yeah.

Debra Duncan: And there’s something new called M Sculpt, which is really interesting.

Dr. Scott Yarish: That’s unbelievable. Unbelievable. That’s what we were talking about earlier before the show. It creates a vibration. It’s a magnetic residence machine. It creates a vibration in your abdominal muscles, your thighs, your buttocks, whatever, wherever you do it, like 20,000 times a minute and it’s like doing… It’s 20,000 contractures.

Debra Duncan: It’s like you did 20,000 sit-ups or something.

Tambra Allen: It hurts. You’re sore. I did it. Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: You know, you feel like you’ve done a hundred sit-ups in about three minutes.

Debra Duncan: There is someone on our staff who actually did it on her booty.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Oh, really?

Debra Duncan: I’m not going to call her name, but it was a little saggy and now it’s…

Dr. Scott Yarish: Oh, really? Is wearing a purple dress? Is that [inaudible]?

Debra Duncan: No, it’s not me. No, it’s not me. It’s not. I need to go. I’m going to go after I saw what she did. But yeah, so it’s all kinds of things in technology, it’s amazing.

Dr. Scott Yarish: It doesn’t make your boot that much bigger, but it lifts and tightens and-

Tambra Allen: Yes, and the cellulite.

Debra Duncan: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Scott Yarish: Yeah.

Debra Duncan: Okay, since you live in my building, I’m just wondering, can you bring that lipo machine home?

Dr. Scott Yarish: You know what? Give me a date and I’ll do it.

Debra Duncan: Yeah, give you a date and you’ll do it. All right. Yarish Plastic Surgery and Renew You MD have a special offer for Great Day viewers get 20% off non-surgical body contouring, such as Coolsculpt or Emsculpt, at Renew You MD. Just be sure to mention Great Day Houston when you call. To book your consultation, call now. The number is (832) 856-4281. (832) 856-4281. We’re calling it a mommy makeover, but if you’re not a mommy but you still got some stuff you want to get rid of, he can get rid of it. For more information, log onto Thank you very much.