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What You Should Look for in a Surgeon for Your Facelift Procedure

July 29, 2020 | 3 minute read


Deciding whether or not to get a facelift is a major choice in its own right. However, once you’ve committed to the idea, you then need to find a surgeon to perform it. Going to any old plastic surgeon is a bad idea, as you could end up with disastrous results. That’s why it’s so crucial to do your research before narrowing down your options. Here are some of the top things to look for in a Houston surgeon before scheduling your facelift.

1. Years of Experience

As harsh as it may seem, you should never look into a surgeon who’s a fresh graduate of school. While they may have the right knowledge to do a great job, they simply don’t have the years of experience to recognize complications or other surgical issues. Additionally, a doctor who has performed a facelift hundreds or thousands of times will have a better idea of which techniques might work best for your face, giving you finetuned and personalized results.

2. Robust Education

Obviously, every doctor has to go to medical school before earning the right to practice. However, did they go to a plastic-surgery specific program? How many residencies did they complete after their initial training? Ideally, plastic surgeons should undergo a three-year general-surgery residency and a three-year plastic-surgery residency that lets them narrow down on their areas of focus.

3. Certification

Any plastic surgeon you go to needs to be certified, as this means they are recognized by their peers as being capable and knowledgeable in the field. There are a few different organizations a doctor can be certified by, including the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

To become a member of these organizations, a plastic surgeon must have spent at least two to three years of training in plastic surgery before taking oral and written tests to prove their competence.

4. Online Reviews and Results

One of the biggest things to look at is what people are saying about this doctor online. Are they pleased with their procedures? Do they have any complaints? Also, take a look at before and after photos to see if results look natural. If not, you may be better suited to another Houston doctor.

5. Friendly Demeanor

Even if a plastic surgeon has all of the above qualifications, you still need to consider how they act around you. Are they friendly? Compassionate? You certainly don’t want to deal with a doctor who doesn’t seem to care about you or puts down your appearance.

Choose Two of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Houston

Luckily, we know just the doctors that fulfill all these qualifications. Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett are kind, knowledgeable, and experienced plastic surgeons who have helped thousands of people in the Houston area get the results they wanted. Get to know them better today by calling our Houston office at (281) 645-0355 to schedule your facelift consultation.