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Is My Vagina Normal? 

December 26, 2023 | 4 minute read

Asking if your vagina is normal is a question that most women will ask themselves at least once (if not many more times) in their lifetime. Whether you’re feeling insecure about the way your vagina looks or are experiencing uncomfortable chafing while exercising or pain during sex, a labiaplasty may help address your concerns. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation procedure that many women undergo to gain confidence in the way their vagina looks and feels, as well as improving physical discomfort associated with extra tissue. 

Many women question if their vagina is normal. Taking a look down there can have some women feeling insecure about whether their vagina looks like everyone else’s. Some women regularly deal with chafing and pain during sex, then wonder if those sensations are normal and if there’s anything they can do about them. 

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Why Does My Vagina Look Different? 

While many women may look at their vaginas and wonder if there is something wrong with the appearance of it, it’s essential to understand that everyone’s vagina looks a little different. Normal comes in multiple shapes and forms. The vagina is an internal muscular canal, so when people refer to how their vagina looks they are often talking about the appearance of the vulva, since that is the visible outer part of female genitalia. A significant contributing factor to the vulva’s appearance is the inner and outer folds of skin, known as the labia, which surround the vagina. 

Everyone’s labia is built differently. There is variable anatomic presentation, all of which is normal. This means there is no “correct” way for your labia to look. You are normal!

Is it Normal for My Vagina to Hurt After Sex? 

While many factors can contribute to pain during or after sex, some women experience repeated irritation down there after sex. Experiencing this irritation can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable, especially if it becomes a barrier that stops you from having sex due to painful friction. 

The cause of this irritation for certain women is often because the labia folds on itself and can rub against each other, causing uncomfortable chafing. The labia can even be pulled into the vaginal canal during sex, which is a frequent cause of distress. Sex isn’t the only activity that feels uncomfortable with a lengthened labia; irritation down there can occur with various exercises and even just with walking. 

What Is Labiaplasty? 

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of the vagina and eliminate any physical discomfort associated with elongated labia. This is a cosmetic surgery that can give women confidence in the way their vagina looks while also addressing any chafing or other pain concerns. Since everyone’s labia comes in different shapes and sizes, labiaplasty surgery is customized to fit the individual patient’s concerns and needs. For women with a more extended labia, their labiaplasty may involve trimming the excess tissue. The appearance of the labia can also be affected by aging or pregnancy. For women who have lost volume in their labia, a labiaplasty consisting of fat grafting to the labia majora can be the ideal vaginal rejuvenation they are seeking. 

In recent years, labiaplasty has become an increasingly popular procedure that more women are seeking out. In 2021, 18,813 labiaplasty surgeries were performed in the United States, showing a 36 percent increase from 2020. Conversations around cosmetic surgery and wanting to feel confident in your own body are more common today, and many women have realized that there is no shame in wanting to be satisfied with their vagina’s appearance. 

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How Will My Vagina Feel After Labiaplasty? 

Labiaplasty patients can expect strict restrictions on activities and clothing they can wear during the first two weeks of recovery after surgery. However, once fully recovered, you’ll still have the usual sensation of all the nerves in your labia. This means that you’ll still have the same sexual sensitivity, but now you won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable chafing that you might’ve experienced before surgery. 

Learn if You’re a Labiaplasty Candidate Today 

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