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Mommy Makeover

How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Get a Mommy Makeover?

June 03, 2020 | 3 minute read

After giving birth, women in the Houston area may be looking for a way to help themselves return to their pre-baby size and shape. Their bodies have been through a lot, and in some cases, it shows. Luckily, a mommy makeover from Town and Country Plastic Surgeons is an excellent way for a woman to get her body back. With this series of procedures, Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett can tighten up stretched out or sagging skin so women look and feel better.

While many women might want to have this procedure right away, it’s recommended that they wait at least six months after giving birth before scheduling their appointment.

Why Do I Need to Wait Six Months?

So why does a person need to wait six months to have a mommy makeover? The main reason for this waiting period is to give the body time to heal. Many women have incisions or scars after giving birth that need to close up before another surgery is performed in the same area.

Furthermore, a woman’s body also needs time to revert back to its usual form. Much to the dismay of some new mothers, this doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, the body needs time to get back to normal. Scheduling a mommy makeover before this is done could be a waste, as in some cases, the body returns to its normal, tone form on its own.

What About Breastfeeding?

If Houston mothers plan to breastfeed, that will also extend the time until they can get their mommy makeover. This is because breastfeeding changes the shape and size of the breasts as they fill with milk, making it impossible for Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett to plan out a surgery.

Therefore, women will want to wait six months after breastfeeding to have a mommy makeover. This gives the breast time to revert to their normal size.

Who Is a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Of course, just waiting six months after giving birth or ceasing breastfeeding doesn’t mean a Houston patient will automatically be a candidate for a mommy makeover. There are a few other factors to consider. Patients must:

  • Be at a healthy weight, as a mommy makeover is not intended to be a weight-loss procedure. Ideally, patients should be no more than 25 pounds over their goal.
  • Be realistic about results. While a mommy makeover can help a woman get her pre-baby body back (and in many cases, a body that looks even better than before), it will not transform her into a supermodel.
  • Be done having children. This is because the body will just stretch out and change again if the woman gets pregnant, undoing all the results of the surgery.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover in Houston Today

Growing and giving birth to a child is hard, so you deserve a treat. Get the mommy makeover you deserve to transform your body into one you love. Call our Houston office today at (281) 645-0355 to schedule your initial consultation.