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Breast Augmentation

How Can Breast Augmentation Improve Disproportionate Shape And Size Of Breasts?

September 16, 2019 | 3 minute read

Middle Aged Woman with Curvaceous Figure Running on the BeachMany Houston women don’t realize it, but all women have breasts that are asymmetrical to some degree. Your breasts may be disproportionate in shape, size, or both.

However, the difference between shape and size in breasts is typically not noticeable when wearing clothing or a bathing suit, or even in intimate situations. But there are always exceptions. Some Houston women have breasts that are disproportionate to the point that it’s obvious they are of different shape and size when wearing tight-fitting clothing or a bikini top.

The best way to even out uneven breasts is to undergo a breast augmentation procedure by a skilled and highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Yarish. With 30 years of experience performing the procedure on Houston area women, he’s helped more than his fair share of patients achieve breast symmetry by having silicone or saline breast implants placed.

Personalizing Your Breast Augmentation Treatment Plan When You Have Uneven Breasts

There are two key factors to achieving breast symmetry via a breast augmentation: carefully choosing the appropriate implant shape, size, and profile for each breast; and choosing a surgical incision on the breast site to allow Dr. Yarish to better provide breast symmetry.

When it comes to selecting breast implants, Houston women have a variety of options. They can choose:

  • Silicone implants, which look and feel more natural, but saline implants are always an option
  • Different sized implants for each breast, which is key if one breast is larger than the other
  • Implants that are rounded or teardrop shaped to match your breast’s shape
  • Different implant profiles, which refers to how far a breast implant projects out from your chest

After Houston women with asymmetrical breasts have collaborated with Dr. Yarish to choose the best implants for their unique cases, they must decide on an incision type for their surgery. While breast implants can be placed through an incision in the belly button or underneath the arm, Dr. Yarish recommends women who are trying to even out uneven breasts choose one of the following two breast incision types:

  • The periareolar incision, which is made along the curve of where the areola meets the breast mound
  • The inframammary incision, which is made beneath the breast, where the breast meets the rib cage. This is by far the most common today due to implant size and incision guidelines.

Choosing one of the above breast augmentation incisions allows Dr. Yarish to better provide breast symmetry during your procedure. And when you are trying to even out uneven breasts, you want all available options to provide as much symmetry as possible.

Learning More About Your Breast Augmentation Options

If you have noticeably uneven breasts, then silicone or saline breast implants can help even them out and give you the symmetry you desire. You’ll no longer need to worry about people noticing that your breasts are of different shape, size, or both.

To learn more about how this procedure helps women like you (and believe us, there are several women with uneven breasts in our area, so don’t feel singled out at all) schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Yarish by contacting our offices at (281) 326-9241.