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Breast Reduction

Give Your Back A Break With Breast Reduction

June 19, 2017 | 3 minute read

Breast reduction surgery is not as visible of a concept as it should be. Western society teaches women that large breasts are a beauty standard to strive toward, resulting in thousands of women seeking breast enlargement procedures every year. In truth, women who wear a bra size of D or bigger—whether they have fully natural or enhanced breasts—suffer from back pain at a much higher ratio than women sporting a C-cup or smaller.

Back pain from large breasts is a sensitive issue for many women, and it is by no means a laughing matter. Excessive breast weight can actually change the curvature of one’s spine. The average weight of a D-cup breast is 15 pounds. This means that a woman wearing a D-cup or higher is carrying at least 30 extra pounds on a skeleton that does not, unfortunately, take breast weight into account. After all, breasts are essentially mounds of fat; the human spine can only hold so much extra fat until it begins to bend.

Most back pain from large breasts can be felt in the upper back due to the positioning of human breasts and the strain they place on upper back muscles. Many times, this conundrum creates a feedback loop of pain; the slouching that occurs due to a large bra size creates poor posture, especially when sitting in front of a computer or in a poorly-fitted office chair, and creates additional pain unrelated to the breasts.

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are the same ideal candidates for any kind of major reconstructive surgery. They include women who do not smoke, have practical expectations about what the surgery will do for them and are otherwise physically healthy.

While the exact breast reduction procedure is personalized for each patient, the process generally consists of removing excess tissue from the area. If needed, Dr. Yarish may also move the nipple and areola to a higher position while maintaining their natural blood supply. The result is a natural-looking chest that’s proportional to the rest of the woman’s body.

Following breast reduction surgery, the results will be immediate; even though the swelling may make the new breasts larger than they truly are, they should recover to their new normal size within a few weeks. It is wise for women recovering from breast reduction surgery to plan at least a week off from work and strenuous exercise while they recover. During your consultation, Dr. Yarish will go over the exact procedure with you and let you know what to expect.

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