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Procedures for Men

Cosmetic Procedures Popular Amongst Men

August 02, 2018 | 5 minute read

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The need to feel youthful and look fit affects millions of men and women, leading many to consider cosmetic surgery. While these procedures are commonly associated with women, more and more men are choosing plastic surgery to achieve their desired image. In fact, the number of male cosmetic surgery procedures have risen over 60% since 2000. Just like women, however, men have their own reasons to seek cosmetic surgery; these include heading off the early signs of aging, to become more competitive at their employment, or to reenter the dating scene. Whatever the trigger, it is nice to see men are taking advantage of what cosmetic surgery has to offer.

Looking older (facial aging), unwanted body fat, hair loss, and a desire for overall health and vitality are the most common complaints of our male patients.


Surgical Youth Enhancers

As men and women age, the face loses volume causing the skin to sag and droop. Fine lines and wrinkles turn into deeper lines and more noticeable signs of aging. Men in particular request tightening of the neck to get rid of the “turkey gobbler” neck (neck lift). A facelift will tighten and lift the skin of both the face and the neck and is a little more extensive but results in an even more youthful look. More men in our practice choose the neck lift alone because of the simplicity and rapid recovery. Eyelid surgery is often added to remove eyelid bags that cause men to look prematurely old and/or tired. Additionally, men sometimes choose to have Rhinoplasty to remove unwanted humps and bumps or correct a previously broken nose.

Non-Surgical Youth Enhancers

All of these concerns can also be addressed without surgery. FaceTite is a procedure that can be performed in-office under local anesthetic. Although less dramatic, our patients who are good candidates for the lesser procedure love their results and have less down time than the surgical options. Cosmetic injections are another way to stave off the signs of aging. By softening crows feet and forehead wrinklesBotox is one of the most sought after non-surgical treatments by men. Dermal Fillers are also used to help restore volume and maintain a masculine but more youthful look.

Whatever procedure is chosen, it is important to use a physician or injector that has a keen eye towards maintaining masculinity. Dr. Yarish and his staff are very well-versed in all aspects of anti-aging treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.


Surgical Body Procedures

Many men eat right and exercise, but still end up with that common “spare tire” around the middle. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure designed to eliminate localized fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Liposuction can be performed in numerous areas to help sculpt a more youthful and fit physique such as midsection, abdomen, chest (gynecomastia) and love handles. Bodytite is a highly sought-after option to diminish fat and tighten skin. Bodytite in conjunction with liposuction can help create a very sculpted appearance.

Non-Surgical Body Procedures

There are non-surgical ways to reduce fat as well. A medically supervised HCG Medical Weight Loss program can jump-start a man’s metabolism and take fat off the middle. Coolsculpting and Vanquish are fantastic technologies that eliminate unwanted fat from targeted areas such as abdomen and flanks, by either freezing or melting the fat.

Now even more exciting is the ability to sculpt and build muscle while reducing fat with Emsculpt. If you want those six-pack abs, but just can’t get there at the gym – Emsculpt is your answer!


New: Neograft Hair Transplant System!

Men are all about their hair, and nothing ages a man faster than a receding hairline or bald spot. But we can now transplant hair with increased efficiency and decreased cost! The NeoGraft system allows us to remove a small percentage of the long lasting hair follicles from the back of your head without the long scar associated with prior methods. This method gives a superb, natural hairline.

We also use PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) along with other oral and topical agents. These products diminish hair loss and help promote hair density.


Besides wanting to look good, men want to feel good! The effects of aging can cause weight gain, loss of muscle mass, brain fog, lack of libido, depression and an overall feeling of malaise. Utilizing Bio-Identical Hormones, by optimizing a man’s testosterone, we are helping many men reclaim their youth, overall wellness and vitality.

For both men and women alike, plastic surgery is life changing. Patients have more self confidence and energy following surgery. They feel better about how they look which makes them happier. If you are considering procedure to keep yourself looking and feeling good, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarish at 281-326-9239 or our Medical Spa at 281-326-9244.