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Tummy Tuck

Addressing Questions About Tummy Tuck Surgery

October 03, 2018 | 3 minute read

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The abdomen is often a problem area for men and women who may struggle to maintain muscle tone and keep excess weight off. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a popular surgical solution for stubborn belly fat and excess skin that will not respond to diet and exercise. During the tummy tuck procedure, excess tissue is removed, and muscles are tightened to create a smooth contour that will allow you to show off a slimmer figure that is easier to maintain with a healthy lifestyle. If you have thought about tummy tuck surgery and you are considering scheduling a consultation to discuss this procedure with Dr. Yarish, read through the following common questions about tummy tucks to prepare for your consultation.

Who is a good candidate for surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery is often beneficial for new moms and individuals who have recently had massive weight loss, as both of these groups will typically struggle with loose skin, stretch marks, and pockets of fat that can all be removed through surgery.

Will surgery leave behind a noticeable scar?

The incision for a tummy tuck is made along the lower abdomen, and there may be a visible scar following surgery. However, the scar is easily concealed behind most swimwear and undergarments, and its appearance may be minimized with proper aftercare during recovery. Laser treatments can also reduce the appearance of the scar and accelerate healing.

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When can normal activities resume after surgery?

Following Dr. Yarish’s instructions for aftercare at home will reduce the likelihood of any complications, such as infections or fluid collection, but this does mean that you will need to be off of your feet for a period of time. Because the tummy tuck procedure does alter the muscle tissue, you will need to refrain from rigorous activities for several weeks following your surgery.

Can patients benefit from Emsculpt along with their Tummy Tuck?

Yes. Due to the downtime required for recovery, Dr. Yarish may even recommend a series of Emsculpt treatments to build abdominal muscles before surgery and during your recovery period. Emsculpt studies show an increase in muscle of 16% at 4 – 6 weeks post- treatment and up to 19% increase at 90 days post-treatment. This means the muscle will continue to build while you are recovering from your Tummy Tuck and have restricted activities. Alternatively, patients may choose to do Emsculpt post Tummy Tuck, to greater enhance their appearance. In this case, patients will need to wait 90 days post surgery to begin Emsculpt.

At the office of Dr. R. Scott Yarish, M.D., you can find exceptional care for your tummy tuck or other body sculpting procedures, including thigh lifts, Cellulaze, BodyTite, Emsculpt and liposuction. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarish, call us at (281) 326-9240.